Linda Vredeveld’s work sifts through attitudes and desires about oneself in relation to cultural structures. Her most recent consideration of epic fairy tales (The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella) through the lens of a menopausal woman uses the complex language of abstract, gestural painting with a flavoring of humor and fantasy. Large paintings clarify moments in the narrative where feminist themes continue to hold our fascination and awaken emotions with sense of contemporary poignancy. Numerous works on paper in collage and mixed media pinpoint the perspective of the artist’s 1960’s-70’s childhood, complete with the baggage of the time. Her paper works borrow from a collection of ephemera from her studio …paper dolls, book pages, school stuff, and fabrics, where she layers imagery with marks and color to “call up” this culture as it relates to larger cultural narratives and the body.